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Composition and care
Composition and care


  • 坚硬、致密、纤维状和多孔
  • 好的木材给人以丰富、温暖和美丽的表面。


  • 地板、家具、墙壁
  • 附带家具(灯罩、相框)
  • 厨房和餐厅用品


Recommended for ages 3 to 8 years

PLEASE CHOOSE one set of

DC Super Friends™ Figures

from the drop-down menu above:

Black Bat™ & Ninja Batman™


Firefly™ & Batman™


The Flash™


Harley Quinn™ & Black Mask™


The Joker™ & Harley Quinn


K. Croc™ & Crocodile


The Riddler™ & Two-Face™


Superman™ & Metallo™


Imaginext® – Imagine What’s Next!

Imagine… a world where kids bring fantastical adventures to life as they play! Imaginext

DC Super Friends™ Figures

—designed by Fisher-Price®—plus your child’s growing imagination make it happen. Kids are the heroes (and storytellers) as they’re transported to the world of superheroes and villains. Whether kids use Imaginext playsets to act out real-life situations or invent whole new worlds, they’re learning about themselves and others and developing thinking and problem-solving skills while they play.

  • The Fisher-Price® Imaginext®

    DC Super Friends™ Figures

    playset brings crime-fighting action to life!

    Who will prevail? That’s for kids to decide as they use these action figures to get their imaginations soaring.

  • Available in your choice of 8 different sets:

    • Black Bat™ & Ninja Batman™


      To defeat the evil League of Shadows, Batman must become one of them, suiting up in his ninja gear and setting off to battle with Black Bat. Will the duo be successful? Includes Black Bat and Ninja Batman figures and 2 sword accessories.

    • Firefly™ & Batman™


      Look out, Gotham City! Super-Villain Firefly is on the loose, soaring over the city spreading fire and mayhem with his removable jetpack and cannon blaster. Batman jumps into action to defend the city. Who will prevail when these two foes battle it out? Includes Batman and Firefly figures, plus removable jetpack and blaster accessories.

    • The Flash™


      Super speed is what The Flash is known for. And when kids snap the The Flash figure into the wheel and roll it along, they’ll make it look like The Flash is speeding to the next crime scene (in a flash, of course!). He can even fire lightning bolts at villains as he goes.

    • Harley Quinn™ & Black Mask™


      Fresh from her years at Arkham Asylum, The Joker’s gal pal Harley Quinn loves wreaking havoc on the streets of Gotham City with her baseball bat. Can Batman keep up when Harley Quinn pairs up with Black Mask?

    • The Joker™ & Harley Quinn™


      The Joker and his partner in crime, Harley Quinn, are always trying to get the last laugh in Gotham City! With this crafty duo and their giant hammer, kids can create all sorts of wacky, crime-fighting adventures – and that’s no joke! Includes The Joker and Harley Quinn figures and a hammer.

    • K. Croc™ & Crocodile

      : K.

      Croc and his pet crocodile are ready to wreak havoc in the streets (and sewers) of Gotham City! Press the button on the crocodile for awesome chomping action.

    • The Riddler™ & Two-Face™

      : The Riddler and Two-Face have teamed up to wreak havoc across the streets of Gotham City. Can Batman outwit the great puzzler, or will he be thwarted by the other Super-Villain’s game of chance? Includes Super-Villains The Riddler figure with a question mark cane and Two-Face figure with coin accessory.

    • Superman™ & Metallo™


      Superman needs all of his powers when he faces the evil, hammer-wielding Metallo with Kryptonite power source that can bring the Man of Steel to his knees! Includes Superman figure and Metallo figure with hammer and grabbing claw.
  • Each figure measures approx. 2.5 inches tall.

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